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Falcanna is a WA I-502 Producer Of Premium Natural Crafted Cannabis.
We 'Pursue Altitude' To Produce a One Of a Kind Experience For Our Clients.

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  • Falcanna Adds New Strains To Offering... More To Come Falcanna Adds New Strains To Offering... More To Come
    When it comes to producing a high-caliber, good tasting, smooth smoking, terpene-loaded buds, no single aspect is more important to the process than beginning with hand selected quality genetics. Once the cultivar has been selected dialing in environmental factors like nutrients, lighting, and temperature control are essential to encourage healthy growth and robust plants. Perfection of environment is key for helping a plant reach it's genetic potential.  It is the trifecta of genetic potential, environmental control, and careful curing that determines the
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Featured Strain - Pacific Blue

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Featured Strain - Dutch Haze

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